January 09, 2013

About those magnets on your fridge...

Our 2013 phone book arrived with a magnet glued on- "Abatem Exterminating Company!" it said.  I'm not in the market for any exterminators, but I did yank that magnet right off the yellow page and place it in my craft surplus drawer.  Those suckers come in  handy for swift little projects and so I stockpile.

{This was taken a few months ago while we had company.  The scene reflects the wild time we had- with the Boston Marathon medal hanging on the stove where dishes are stored, cushions tossed all around, chair askewAnd this was just a glimpse to one wee corner of my house...

My friend A introduced me to the magic in the magnet.  She had gifted Bear with a farm set of magnets upcycled from her stash and I thought it so clever.  Let me teach you how to be as clever 
as she...

 Supplies: advertizement magnets, stickers, scissors, wide roll of clear tape.

Peel off the paper part of the advertizement magnet as best you can.  Place stickers on paper side of the magnet.  Space them close together so that you can make lots of new magnets.

Lay tape over top of stickers being careful to avoid making any wrinkles.  If needed, smooth by pressing over wrinkles with your fingertips.

Cut out the stickers with a sharp pair of scissors.  Mine were not the sharpest, so I had to keep a margin around most of the stickers to make cutting easier.  I've since sharpened my scissors, so Abatem magnet, you had better watch out.

And DONE.  Now go out into the world and hunt down those calendar magnets.  Accept magnets from any business person you meet.  Feed your stash and then amaze folks with thoughtful birthday gifts! Your own magnetic poetry tiles!  How about a complete set of the characters from Homer's Odyssey?  If you can imagine it, I'm sure there's a sticker for it.

 Abatem?  I don't mean to abuse your generosity.  Here.  A link to put my readers in contact with your services.  Your welcome.


Emmy said...

Genius!! Never would have thought to do this.

The Keierleber Family said...

I now have a hunt! :) great idea!

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