January 23, 2013

It's cold. Canon is not cold hearted.

Yup.  It is cold today and I have a hat and fingerless gloves on while I type this.  Tea too.  I've figured out how to get as close to the fire as humanly possible without catching on fire; Huckle taught me that move, although from where I hover, as close as doggily possible seems to be a milimeter closer to the flames

My heart is warm though friends, my heart is warm.  Mostly because finally some good news regarding this person, or that one, has begun to trickle in.  Have you been praying since reading yesterday's post?  You kind little reader, you.  Thank you.  Admittedly though, my heart is warm like those cinnamon heart candies that I scoff up and melt to make the most amazing Valentine (this is what I've named it) popcorn because Canon got back to me regarding my camera issues.  I promise you when I submitted my claims I was kind and nice and didn't even name drop and the company still came to my rescue which shows you just what an awesome company Cannon is.  Back in my possession are a brand new Powershot (well, that camera was still under warranty) AND a completely fixed 50mm lens (so not still under warranty) with my only expense being the cost of shipping the items to Canon.  

I celebrated by firing off a few shots on the way home from preschool and then, because this 50mm deserves a properly educated owner, I allowed myself to only edit* 2 of the 4 pictures I took (the lovely examples you just viewed above).  These other 2 schooled me as I squinted and moved and adjusted manual settings trying to get all things as perfectly artsy as I could before yet another finger went numb in the bitterly cold air.   

Seriously, I could have gotten frost bite today and I would still be giddy.

*all of them were cropped but that doesn't even count in my book (the novice manual)


Jess said...

Yay TJ! So glad Canon made it right for you. :)

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Nice! I do like Canon! Happy they helped you out and fixed it. :)

Keep practicing, TJ. Manual is great for teaching you stuff, but the other settings (AV, TV) can teach you too. I like to switch them up all the time to get different "perspectives"... and then I head right on back to manual.

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