January 29, 2013


We did a lot of lounging around this weekend.  Same 'ol story you are either hearing or living these days, "well, my head hurts and I got this cough...".  Our version is nothing to speak of really, except that it slowed everything downAnd slower paces?  They give you a good excuse to be lazy and stay in your pajamas and leave the board games out all day and show up at Papa's work so he can drive you around for a while.

I also spent a bit of the weekend taking pictures of Ace in an attempt to portray him as younger than he is.  I suspect I am only fooling myself. 

On Sunday afternoon, we did indeed hunt down Champ and load into his warm ski shuttle.  He drove us (and a few skiers along the way) all around Stratton Mountain.  The bumps of ski poles and hum of the motor, NPR quietly droning on in the background; all of it helping to lull us into a peaceful calm.  Each time we visit, it reminds me of riding the bus in a big city except with no responsibility attached to the ride: observing the crowds of people spilling on and off, having no particular destination in mind, just circling the same loop over and over until finally feeling moved to disembark.    

Once back home, Bear had the most reserves of energy, so I gave him the task of frosting the "thanks for driving us around so we could all just chill out" cake.  It's pretty much what we ended up eating for dinner.

These kind of posts need to be written too.  Days are not always sparkly and wonderful; thrilling things do not happen constantly.  My tooth hurts, we are sick, I'd love a bit more money in our bank account, Champ was not with us all weekend.  It is what it is and it's not really all that bad when there is leftover chocolate cake to be had


smalltownme said...

Those precious hands! Ordinary everydays can be special too.

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