January 10, 2013

Paint Mice

I'm still working on tidying up all my end of the year photos from 2012. This means you will be getting odds and ends blog fodder for the next few days.  Isn't it thrilling?  

Today it's all about mice. and feet. and paint.  And a darling little book named Mouse Paint (it's cousins are Mouse Count and Mouse Shapes).  

To begin the activity, yup you guessed it, we read the book.  Then Bear explored how many colors he could make out of paint using the primary set of red, yellow, and blue.  Once his curiosity subsided a bit, I painted his foot yellow, then red, then blue and had him "stamp" a big piece of paper with each color.

                        this picture makes me miss my 50mm

After all the primary colors were imprinted, we moved on to creating and stamping the secondary colors.

Once the footprints dried we cut them out and arranged them around a poem I found here.  I also printed out her pattern and mouse color pages.  I colored in the beginning bit of each pattern so that Bear could independently work on a line or two while I cooked dinner, or helped Ace with something, or whatever.

For the mouse color word page, we did a few mice at a time.  I would hand Bear the appropriate crayons for him to hunt down and pair with the matching mouse to color in.  

We had a squeaky good time.
(that doesn't even make sense.


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