January 15, 2013

Rare, like quinoa used to be

It's quite a treat when we have opportunity to welcome visitors for the very first time.  We have lots of repeat guests, but newbies?  rare.rare.rare. which is why we had an especially wonderful weekend spent with a particular set of cousins.

By the end of their stay, Bear had a tough decision to make: did he prefer the cousin who baked cookies with him, or the cousin who played hockey with him and gave piggy back rides?  I believe he declared it a tie.

I had no trouble making my decision: K and G, of course I love you dear cousins, but your daughter-my second cousin K- was my favorite by far.  Have you looked at that picture?  Clearly.

Brand new visitors?  rare.rare.rare  and so we were glad.glad.glad to have you all join us in Vermont.

 In unrelated news, I had leftover quinoa and a hankering for a new kind of muffin.  After a quick troll of the internet, I came up with...

 (recipe adapted from the these are so healthy that they make my muffins look like candy Fitnessita muffin recipe).  

quinoa mini muffins that startled me with how yummy AND FILLING they were.  I adapted the recipe to be mini rather than full size, I used brown sugar and cow's milk and the nut meal was ground up mixed nuts because that's what was on hand just as dates and pineapple were the dried fruits of choice.  Yup, besides those um minor tweaks I followed Fitnessita's recipe and we (no "we" does not mean Champ when it involves bakery items made with quinoa) gobbled up the results.

Look closely- past the quinoa- what do you see?  Bear's snowmobile parked outside the window.

                                     (a different cousin, but just as cute, no?)

 It's being put to good use this winter.


smalltownme said...

Quinoa muffis -- very clever! And that is the cutest little snowmobile ever.

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Ah, I've seen recipes. But making muffins is beyond me. After that one paleo disaster.... :P Cute cousins though. I can see why she's your favorite.

A :) said...

OMG I had the same snowmobile when I was little. It looks like he is loving it as much as I did too!

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