February 12, 2013

Items of note

Books.  Lately, a few have been circling my shelves: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua (to open my mind to other parenting perspectives.  Upon it's conclusion, I determined that I am decidedly not a Tiger Mother), Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert  (aha, I see why this book swept the nation), and The Constant Princess (abridged) by Phillippa Gregory. Reviews on this one are wishy washy, but I personally found it to be lovely.  Perhaps it was because I listened to it on CD during a recent trip with the boys; it was so cozy to cruise down the highway with an accented narrator reading to me while Bear and Ace dozed in the back and I sipped a coffee*.  What mama wouldn't love that? 

The way I most enjoy reviewing history is through historical fiction.  I understand that not all information is accurate and that an author will always put his or her spin on things, but regardless, I'm happiest learning about such history as the Tudor dynasty through a novel.  So that's what I read.  And I greatly enjoyed it- to the point that I spent some time on the internet connecting the dots of Tudor*Boleyn*King Henry*Catherine of Aragon.  Such fun.  Next up "The Other Boleyn Girl" also by Gregory, or if I don't feel like crosschecking historical facts, perhaps "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" by Alison Weir.  What are you reading these days?  

We missed Champ on this trip, but the mountain had snow and he had to work.  Problem is, the new nephew was born and I simply just had to meet him.

New nephew is the one in stripes.

And this guy is his actual father, not Darth Vader (all for you, K).  I tried to smuggle my nephew back to Vermont; I even promised to play him a book on CD, but his parents said no.  Oh well, all the more reason for me to return.  I simply have to see that wee man and his amazing sisters again soon.  

*life is not always serene in the car when driving solo.  Please note.


nadine said...

I myself went through a Philippa Gregory phase - it is lovely! Wish you joy in all things!

Emmy said...

Oh I agree your way is definitely the best way to learn history- at least in these parts of our lives. In high school/college good to learn the real stuff, but now entertain me please!

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