February 19, 2013

Week to come

Prezzy Weekend has come and gone.  It was busy as usual, but held glimmering moments of family time.  That, coupled with visiting friends, made it perfectly wonderful.

We made it to the mountain to ski.  AS AN ENTIRE FAMILY UNIT.  Hallelujah.   

Spent some time exploring our woods and frolicking around outside.  There was celebrating to be done too; there are always things to celebrate and smile about:

like birthdays.  And setting Huckle up for a picture since he had jumped onto the chair, yawned, and asked for food anyway.  That's the way to train a dog, right?  
This week is winter break for 3 out of 4 of us in the household (guess which one is still working so very hard?), I'm also going to take a break from this space for a little while. 

untutu I talk to you again, find things to smile about.



Emmy said...

Perfect way to train a dog ;) But worth it for the cute picture.

How fun that you all went skiing! Hope you enjoy your break

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