March 28, 2013

Be brave

We unofficially began having Family Home Evenings (FHE) back in 2011.  Bear was only 2 way back then and so much has changed!  We recently had a trifecta of a dinner and it reminded me that I haven't given a Family Home Evening update in a while.

The triple alignment was:
1. Spring Equinox
2. time for another Family Home Evening
3. Family Motto night

and since all were so close on the calendar together, I figured why not combine them into one killer of an evening.  So we did.

Dinner involved shrimp and peas, ice cream brownie sundaes, and a few other foods that make one think of warmer weather.  We usually stick to eating with the seasons around here, so all were a bit giddy to have summery choices on the table and say goodbye to the final installments of brussel sprouts for a while (don't fret boys, there are still a few more bags left over from our CSA season).

Nothing can totally convince me that it's truly Spring until all our snow melts, but a festive dinner is a start I suppose.  I stopped setting the table to show you the snow out there.  See?  Not so Springy just yet.

I am using this site to outline our FHE,with tweaks for our own particular needs.  This time around we focused on discussing the importance of family and what it means to be a part of our individual family, as well as God's larger family.  We discussed the season of Lent too; attention was once again upon the basket on our dinner table.

Ha!  Looking at this photo shows how confused I am with my Spring holidays this year.  I love St. Patrick's Day, but it is so close to Easter.  I opted to combine the two: leprechaun by a rainbow? check.  Signs of birth and renewal?  Abandoned bird's nest and eggs, check.  Golden color to the eggs?  Like I said- St Pat's AND Easter. Inside those eggs are 3 reminders for the season: a rosary for prayer, a cracker for fasting, a coin for tithing.

The evening progressed and we eventually got to talking about our family motto for the year- a mission statement of sorts.  In full disclaimer, I usually have us do this shortly after the New Year, but this year's been...different.  Different in good ways too since this time around Bear was an active participant.  His most endearing comments came when offering up possibilities for our motto: love your father and mother!  Do not steal!... hmm, can you tell that we've been learning the 10 commandments?  In the end we voted on Champ's "Be Brave" as our official motto for the year; a most fitting phrase for us to review in the weeks and months to come.

What kind of traditions do you have?


koreen (aka: winn) said...

I love this. And I love being brave. :)

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