March 21, 2013

For Easter: Preschooler eggshell mosaics

Remember how earlier this week I said I want to be as up front as possible?  Well, for today I'm gonna eat my words: Family!  Friends!  If you will be seeing Bear over Easter do not continue to read (and pretend like you haven't seen the blog picture) unless you totally want to ruin your Easter surprise; maybe even make a 4 year old cry.  Stop reading right now!

We eat a lot of eggs around here, hence a lot of eggshells.  I wanted to come up with an Easter craft to use up all those shells, but my searches online didn't quite find what I was looking for.  Sure, there are lots of places that mention using eggshells to create mosaic art, but nothing specific to "Easter" and "four year old".  I decided to change the data on that kind of search...

Easter eggshell mosaics

cardstock in pastel colors
tacky glue
typewriter (optional)
dyes for eggshells (optional)

Save up some eggshells over a period of a few days.  Rinse them, peel off the inner membrane, and allow to dry.  To give you a rough estimate: Bear made 17 mosaics in all and had about 1/4C worth of eggshells for each of the 6 colors we used.  If you decide to dye them, skip the drying step until after color has been added.  We dyed some of ours with food colors and others by trying out a few homemade dyes. (I only soaked the shells for 1 hour).

I printed out simple Easter images on cardstock and trimmed them down to about postcard size.  If you aren't a wiz at drawing, go right ahead and download the images I used.

Easter images for the eggshell mosaics

Once the materials were all prepped, I set it up so that each eggshell color was in a different container.  The templates and glue were close by.  I added the glue to each picture and then Bear filled in with the shells.  Once filled, he went back and gently crunched down the eggshells with his fingers so that all came in contact with the glue.  This was a very satisfying part of the craft.

To label them, Bear typed his name a bunch of times on the typewriter and I tapped out "happy easter".  We cut them down into mini labels, then glued on to the mosaics.  You can see how it looks in that first picture.

They came out quite snappy and cute.  I especially like that we reused our eggshells for this most appropriate holiday.  There would be something lacking in an eggshell mosaic of a Christmas tree, but on a chick, duck, bunny's drum, and cross?  Perfect!


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