March 12, 2013

Why Legos instead of giant, easy to see dinosaurs?

First off - those doughnut pictures of the kids over there.  Fasnacht Day and Lent go hand and hand to me, so doughnuts it is.  I did grown up in Pennsylvania Dutch country after all.

There are projects going on all around this house.  The ones I see and focus on usually involve cleaning of a sort, a meal waiting to be assembled, hodgepodge about to be turned into a learning activity for Bear.  Champ has his projects, but they are shadowy, hard to find.  Most are in the depths of his workshop, but they occasionally turn up in the main house.  A galvanized metal magnetic board recently materialized and I was delighted.  My desire had been one seen on Pinterest, but as usual Champ topped it; wrapping the metal around the whole wall rather than a picture frame prototype I had shown him.  The lesson here is to leave Champ's projects undisturbed because they are usually for me.

Bear's projects I disturb.  A lot.  I didn't understand about Legos until Champ gently filled me.  Those piles everywhere?  projects.  The pieces I trip over going up the stairs?  part of a project.  Even the random bits piled on his bed that he has no problem sleeping on top of?  Most important project.

My mind is not trained to understand these things, it screams "Mess!!!  Must pick up!" whenever I am on the Lego trail.  I often have to use one hand to hold the other one back from reaching to pick up the colorful bricks of chaos.  My teeth clamp down hard over my tongue before I can shout out angrily about the @$%^! that I just stepped on.

Above all, patience and understanding is what God had in mind for me to learn when I because a Mama.  I'm still learning, which is why I don't have the stomach to discuss Ace's version of projects with you right now. 

 I leave you with this: the past 2 weeks have been full of projects. And really projects, in adult lingo, can mean all that menial, but still pretty important stuff you have to get done each day.  It turns into the purest definition when you don't get it done on said day and then have to carry it over into the next day.  I am currently working on many, many projects.


smalltownme said...

OH, I remember the importance placed upon each single piece of lego and the concern (I was going to say hysteria) if I moved them. I feel for you.

koreen (aka: winn) said...

I believe I'm guilty of the lego obsession myself... and I have no problem getting my boy to keep his lego mess to one part of the room. It doesn't seem to have stunted his creativity. Funny, I recognize quite a few pieces in your photos that I have in my house. :) In fact, I just did a post about... legos.

Mrs. Bird said...

I strongly dislike LEGOS...Tony thinks the world is ending if one of his creations gets messed up :)

Emmy said...

Yes, it is easy to forget that their "projects" their little things really are their life now and matter so much to them.

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