April 05, 2013

Easter notes

Our calendar is about to transition from "Easter season" to "Champ's birthday season" (Monday folks, Monday...).  It means I need be quick in mentioning Easter footnotes; birthday cake is looming!

It is tradition for my family to take an Easter portrait.  We are usually all matchy matchy and grinning our sugary, Easter egg hunt candy smiles.  As per tradition, it requires a few takes to get even a decent photo:

Oh, I could keep slapping photos up there as there were plenty of outtakes to choose from, all so stunning in their emotional capture.  Can't blame the camera man, aka Dad, for our malfunctions: dogs running in and out of the frame, baby showing off his belly button, all of us vamped up on naughty, but delicious sugar.  We settled for these:

Whatever.  I'm over it.  Perhaps the better woman would say, "Look how accurately our life moments have been captured.  These will most certainly be memories some day."  Whatever.

Now that I've sacrificed my family for your enjoyment, I leave by mentioning one other member of my family- my Dad.  Dad retired on Good Friday (you read that right) and so Easter was a fine balance of solemn observance and eager celebration.  Also a jaunt to the Golden Corral which I'm not even going to try and cover here.  

The way Dad explains it, retirement sounds quite different than the stereotypical view involving recliners, remotes, and naps.  I am glad for that.

                                 (I'll figure out focus one of these days)  

You Dad, do not need to sit still as much as you need to: interact with people, play with your grandsons, finish up Mom's ever evolving "honey-do" list, grow the largest tomato ever- the envy of all your neighbors, plan your next cruise, find good deals on camera equipment for your daughter, use your son's law skills to remain playful with your township, enjoy your retirement to it's fullest. 

Congratulations, Dad! Keep on playing... now just a bit more at home rather than in the office.


smalltownme said...

I actually love the belly button picture. My younger son did that all the time.

Emmy said...

Congrats to your dad! Such an achievement to work hard all of your life to be able to retire and enjoy all of your hard work.

And love the outages that just really is life :)

Leslie said...

the outtakes are perfect!!! better than a perfectly posed picture! HOw are you all, you look wonderful and the boys are so big. Happy Easter and Happy Spring. COngrats to you dad

Devon said...

I love that third picture!! lol!!

Congrats to your dad! Woo hoo!

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