April 09, 2013

Of mud and ice cream cake

I'm a bit obsessed lately with birthday candle photography; it's magical to me that a click here and a turn there on my camera can completely change the mood of a picture.  It's also cryptic to me as to how much one should crank that dial?  I never was great at math, and photography involves such a quantity of numbers and equations that it boggles my mind.  To actually enjoy my hobby, I take the "experiment with many different settings until it feels right" approach.  So far it's been working well enough and I've actually taught myself a few things along the way.  Or maybe it's that my camera is slowly choosing to share some of it's ( I would put a "he" or she" here, but so far the camera's identity remains unclaimed) magic with me.

Champ reports he had a good birthday.  It was filled with all his requested favorite things: relaxing moments, junk food, good friends... really good friends who brought steaks to balance out all the Pringles and pizza rolls and Twix and ice cream cake and Toaster Streudels and whatever else forsaken, usually banned from the house food we could get our hands on.  Even if hearty, our steak, potato, and salad meal was by far the healthiest dinner we ate all weekend. 

Perhaps a few other healthy choices snuck in, but overall it was a weekend full of usual no-nos- enjoyed thoroughly because the luxury was in the rareness and sheer quantity of it all.  Yes, it was a birthday that screamed of love and caring for Champ and his health and longevity.  Or something like that.

It is beginning to thaw around here revealing hidden objects long forgotten about in the snow, almost like an ever evolving treasure hunt; complete with traps the dogs have planted all around the yard hoping to snare a stray boot or shoe.  And the mud, OH THE MUD.  Ace lost every battle he fought this week against the mud.  There was never a chance he'd win.

The day calls.  Stay mud free if you can.


smalltownme said...

Before I saw your words, I saw the candle pictures and thought they were fantastic.

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Love it! The pictures are beautiful. :)

Moderation is great. I'm also on a healthy kick, but like the treats now and then. Makes it all better!

Emmy said...

The candle pictures are awesome!!! And how fun to have a junk food day for your birthday-- I might just have to copy that, though I probably eat too much junk food on regular days to make it all that speical :)

And lol that mud!

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