April 01, 2013

Steve Harvey needed me, but I went to the Cape instead

This past summer my family and I vacationed on Cape Cod like we always do each year.  At the same time, the Steve Harvey show called to check my availability for an upcoming show slated to include a segment on baby led weaning- my love.  Now this kind of thing?  It does not “always” happen.  Like ever.  Suffice it to say I was thrilled.

This was my chance, my seeming fate to turn a teeny, little blog into a nationwide sensation- all for the love of baby led weaning!  I would be following my dream (one of many, many) to make a living writing!  Just think of all those babies learning to eat delicious foods!  I’d be a Steve Harvey link for friends playing “seven degrees of separation”!

I was directed to look at my schedule while the producers consider if I would be a good fit.  I would need to end my vacation early and fly out of Logan to make it in time for taping.  It sounded too good to be true, but then, these thoughts: who would go clam digging with my son, Bear?  Where would the wife be in this year’s lighthouse picture?  Was I willing to pass on Honeydew coffee for some Chicago pizza (a tough call)?  My perspective shifted; the cloud of “what in the world is this?!” lifted and just as I realized I had to say no, a producer called to announce flights out of Logan were difficult to come by.

So I went clam digging.  We took that lighthouse picture.  I sipped coffee and ate my less than glamorous New England pizza with my only thoughts of the show surfacing as Ace housed swordfish and clam chowder like it was his job.  My good little baby lead weaner.  In the fall, the show ran and I watched it eagerly.  Steve Harvey was as funny as ever; the audience cheered.  The two knowledgeable baby led weaning women who were showcased did a brave job advocating for our cause and I give them much creed for navigating the murky waters of daytime TV.

Ever heard of the blog “Any Given Moment”?  No?  Well that’s because I’m still a tiny little site- probably always will be-and yet during the summer of Steve Harvey I discovered that I might not want to run with the big dogs anyway.  I think I prefer my small scale life here at our lake, hidden deep in Vermont.  And so my tip to you is this: someone may come knocking on your virtual (or otherwise) door someday with an unbelievable offer.  Perhaps you will grab it and run like the Dickens, or perhaps you will quietly say no thank you and press the door closed.  Either way, fully contemplate that TV show, promotion, free trip… before uttering the “y” word so that you can own your answer and firmly stand behind it.  In my case this summer, those fresh clam fritters and salt watery kisses proved to me that I had chosen correctly. 


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