April 04, 2013

sugar coated paintings

Bear and I have been on a rainbow color kick ever since St. Patrick's Day; it might have been inspired by the ladder he climbed while trying to find that famous bow of light.

Whatever the reason, we are really into colors right now.  It seemed the perfect time to do the M&M painting I read about on Pinterest.

M&M painting supplies: largish bag of M&Ms, paper, paintbrush, paint pots or cups, water.

To begin, Bear sorted his candy into the corresponding cups- gotta love my Fiesta Ware!  I added a little bit of water to each cup and then Bear stirred it up.

The M&Ms dissolved to a delightful shade of gray and sank to the bottom of the cup, but the colorful sludgy paint left behind worked quite well and made for some pretty fun artwork.  It even dried shiny- an unexpected surprise.

In theory, this should work with Skittles or any other hard shelled candy, but I have no data collected on such things.  I can report that a rainbow fruit kabob made for a much prettier, healthier snack than those grey matter, soggy M&Ms.


A :) said...

love this idea!

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Perfect use for the bad sugar candy. Although using peanut M&Ms would be a sacrilege. ;)

Emmy said...

No way never would have thought to use M&M's for paint! So crazy and clever.

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