May 22, 2013

An outlier this time

You know, I had some frivolous, fun things left to post this week: an update on the new flooring upstairs, a Montessori activity, kimchi follow-up.  And then... well you know the story,  Oklahoma got hit hard with tragedy.  The blogging community showed respect with mindful posts, moments of quiet; all done with good intention and powerful emotion.  I wanted to get on board and send out the love too, but I could not.  This was the first big event to happen to our nation since the Boston bombings and it slapped me across the face with it's directness.  Some would argue that acts of nature are entirely different from terrorism, but ask anyone directly effected by either and notice the response.  At any rate, my emotions were effected equally.

After we came home from Boston, it seemed so surreal to watch news clips and know that they were only showing one minute detail of the whole ordeal.  It never was true to facts because the sights and sounds, strange bizarre smells could never be portrayed across a cable line.  These are the thoughts that struck me this week.  No matter how close the news media gets, no matter how many interviews are done, descriptions given, weather patterns analyzed; the reports will never fully grasp the rooted core of what those Oklahomans are experiencing.  Oh yes, that includes the perfect definition of joy as loved ones are reunited and victims unearthed from the rubble, but regardless, you and I are the outliers.

We thank our God when we are the outliers to a tragedy, but it doesn't stop us from feeling the humanity of it all.  And although I am now enlightened to the truth of a disconnect between the graphic details of a story and those who tell it, I will still listen to stories with an open heart.  I did not need to feel the winds of a tornado to feel empathy; it came just as easily without the full experience.   

Much love to Oklahoma.  As for the rest of us- another little hug, an extra goodnight kiss for a loved one this Memorial Day would do us all some good.  


Emmy said...

Very beautifully said. It really just has been so much this year! Just one tragedy after another it feels like. It makes me grateful for my faith and know that someday everything will be made okay so for now I can just keep going.

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