May 06, 2013

On a Monday

That back there?  It was a blog break- perhaps I forgot to tell you about it in advance.  Perhaps I didn't fully see it coming, but  willingly caved to it once it tapped me on the shoulder.  As with any manner of break, it was relaxing and well placed.


I accepted it for what it was and basked in simple family moments full of sun, and dirt, and oh geeze it got late, what will I make for dinner evenings.  Let me admit to you, that was all hard to do.  I am simply not that type. I once read that Mary Kay kept a 5 point list each day of activities she needed to accomplish; no more, no less, but God help her if she didn't get those 5 things done.  For a while I tried paring my daily list down to didn't go so well.  Instead I work like this: make a list that competes with Santa's head count and then struggle daily to make it disappear.  As with all those children's names, it never does.

Ideally, I want to get it all done, but the true fun is in the creation of those lists; the organization and solid order given to my typically sporadic thoughts.  Competent!  That's the word for a list maker like me!  Why I can even show you things that were recently accomplished and they weren't even on any of my lists.  KABAM.

Bear learned how to independently kayak. Huckle discovered that he likes to swim.  You can see him by the kayak, but the yard view is the more comical.  If we didn't live on a body of water, he'd be begging me to drive him to the YMCA each day at 6am to join other leisure swimmers in the pool. Leisure is the key word here; he floats around out there for an average of 30 minutes, 2x/day.  I never saw a pit bull do such a thing.

Ace was introduced to the Strider bike.  Two daredevils at the skate park now?  This is going to be good.  Champ began work on the boy's bedroom.  Bear had his own little space and Ace was still sleeping in our room, but all has changed.  They are now in a larger space complete with bunk beds, lots of books, and a closet specifically designed for their height.  This too is going to be good.

All was lovely, but the reality is that I'm playing a bit of catch-up now and I feel like you should know that too.  The house is toast; laundry is clean, but in everyone's wrong drawers; my computer is slow because it is so backed up with pictures I need to save; I cannot walk across any of our floors without tripping over something.  If I was on top of things, I'd take a picture to show you how not on top of things I am- just imagine some and draw camaraderie from that.  Eventually it will dawn on me that, in the midst of chaos, I should take a picture so that you and I can both know we are in this together.  


Emmy said...

I think blogging breaks can be a great thing and it sounds like you had a wonderful time! That is so funny how your dog swims and for so long too.
Oh you will have to take a picture of their room when it is all done, it sounds like it will be great!

koreen (aka: winn) said...

good lawd you are my sister from another mister! I sometimes find that I have so much to do I become completely immobilized. It's embarrassing. I don't like planning, however, or making lists; when I do, I feel like I've done too much work already and am done. If I just keep it on my mind there's an 82% chance I'll do it, an 11% chance I'll put it off, and a 9% chance I'll forget about it altogether. (There's also a 102% chance I can't do math.) :)

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