May 31, 2013

Pouring, Matching, Doing! Montessori moments.

At 18 months old, Ace solidly became interested in short Montessori activities.  Sure, we did stuff before, but it wasn't all that interactive. While infant Montessori stuff is amazing, my favorite exploration times are from now until he's about 3.  Then it picks up again when teaching a child how to read, but that's another blog post entirely!

I also think I like this stage because soooo much knowledge is gained with such little prep work involved.  Sign me up!  Our latest simple activities involve baskets of things with picture cards to match.  He explores the contents of the basket and works to pair up the picture with the correct thing.  Currently our basket is filled with vehicles- a favorite of both boys.  

I model how to complete the activity over the course of a few days and then the basket is put at his level to visit as he chooses.  In the beginning, I sat quietly by and helped guide if needed, but now he confidently completes the task on him own.  I happen to have specific Montessori nomenclature cards (although colors don't match up) for this example, but many times I don't.  I have used plastic animals and cards made out of magazine pictures glued onto index cards.  Once I found a cheap set of shape cards at the dollar store and used those to match up with our math manipulatives.  

In other Montessori news, Ace has been working on his pouring skills.  My stomach feels funny (because I refuse to put any other words to that sensation right now) when considering how recently it feels like I was teaching Bear the very same thing.   Trying to see the cup half full and all that is a great way to be, but the sentimental self of me can't help but notice time marching on.  With each pour, Ace leaves his babyhood a wee bit farther behind.

Take it easy there, my youngest.  No need to rush this.


koreen (aka: winn) said...

Goodness! My heart melted!

I should have used these techniques with Evan for pouring... he still has trouble keeping liquids where they belong... such a rough and tumble boy he is. :D

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