May 08, 2013

The complete Star Wars Cookbook

This cookbook has been getting a bit of use among the Star Wars fans in our house.  The novelty: recipes AND photos with galactic props on each page... Bear is blissed out by it all!  AND many a visitor has remarked on what a good gift it would make for those of THE FORCE ( it certainly was a good gift for us- thanks Grammy!), so I knew it was time to spill the beans.

There is a cookbook out there which you should check out:  "The Complete Star Wars Cookbook" will answer all your Star Wars cooking needs!

Like how to make a:
        *Skywalker Smoothie*

                * Han-Burger*

       *Twin Sun Toast*

It's been a fun go of it so far, and there are lots more recipes to try out.  Bear has always been a bit obsessed with his "men", so this cookbook is right up his alley: decent recipes to begin with, all tricked out with props and characters-it sends him digging in his Star Wars toy bin every time.

Not much left to say except that if you are hankering for a "Wookie Cookie", then this is the book to get.


smalltownme said...

I think we have that cookbook!

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