June 04, 2013

Tuesday's notes

A few odds and ends to tie up:

Champ finished the bedrooms project in a wicked fast amount of time.  Carpet is gone, flooring in, and guest room beach-themed and open for visitors!  

Kimchi finished fermenting and was enjoyed over Memorial Day.  In the final process before eating, I strain it from the crock and pack it into clean jars.  I top the jars with an extra bit of the fermenting liquid so that none of the veggies are exposed to air and then store the jars in a cool place, or the fridge.

My small friends will not be joining us much longer- Oh how I will miss them!  Time sure does fly.

We had our first bear sighting about two weeks ago- signifying that Spring is definitely here.

The boys discovered my lipstick.  I laughed.  They always make me laugh.

And laugh.

chat soon,


Amy said...

Love seeing your pictures! Thank you so much for the comments you leave. I haven't committed to teaching a class, but I hope that I can get the courage to do so.

smalltownme said...

I love their car.

Aimee said...

brothers out cruising! Gosh I love seeing brothers together. Just as much as I love seeing sisters together. ;-)

Jennifer Campbell said...

Love catching up on your blog!!! The boys are getting so big!
We have a bear hanging out around us too!
Hope you are having a fabulous summer!

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