August 25, 2013


Yup, it's me.  Back without an excuse and with no definitive for the future of this space, but I'm here. Now.  Want an update?  Let's start with June.

Bear graduated preschool.  It hit me-as reflected in the blurry photo taken by a teary eyed Mama.  Geez, it was only preschool for Heaven's sake! I'd better get a grip, right?

We took our traditional outing to Great Escape and Bear became quite smitten with the diving act.  We had to see it 3 times.  Three!  Now he is focused on diving and scuba gear thanks to those crazy jungle animals.

We've had quiet, ordinary moments...

and moments to explore.  I began this summer with an intent to step back from blogging for a few weeks; I end this summer with a track record of 0 posts over these past 3 months.  It's been bittersweet.  As for the sidebar- I had a bit of shuffling around over at Photobucket and it seems I'm no pro at HTML layout just yet.  Give it time :).

Hope you all had moments to create awesome summer memories!



smalltownme said...

It was clearly a beautiful summer.

Michele Horne said...

I also stepped away from my blogging to create some great memories... glad to see you back though!

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