September 25, 2013

August {the Cape and beyond}

 It wouldn't have been August without a trip to Cape Cod.

- Swinging by Chatham so Bear could see the sharks he is so infatuated with.  The day only resulted in a soft, stuffed variety.
- first mode of transportation on the way to Martha's Vineyard: The ferry shuttle!
- exploring Falmouth and Wood's Hole
- Bear wakes from dreams to realize his wish had come true: the day before he had spotted "scuba guys" working on a pier.  End result of this year's trip is 1:1.  No sharks seen, but scuba divers confirmed.

What else about August?

We visited with family and friends all month long, the fair came to our town, and Bear rode his scuba loving streak on in to September.

Summer update finished?  Check!


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