September 12, 2013

Gift of travel

My first true camera was a Minolta Maxxum SLR (technically it was a gift I bought for Champ, but whatever, that's just a small detail...).  I love love loved that camera and still have it on display even though it's trigger system fried long ago.  Love.

When I upgraded to my Rebel, Dad helped me figure out that the 35-80mm lens I had from the Minnolta fit on it.  Bonus.  It gives an effect none of my other, sharper lenses do: blurry, dreamy shapes and colors without much effort on my part. 

The boys are in Pennsylvania, living it up this week with family and friends.  I should be doing any amount of something right now, but a coffee break was in order along with a speedy tour of photos from last week.  Knowing I'd miss their mugs, I snapped shots of the gang while they played on the bed in the early morning sun.  Afterwards, we had a picnic.  That day was dreamy- softly blurred around the edges just as the 'ol 35-80mm lens captured it.

It's never a piece of cake to send the boys on their "vacation". Packing and prepping and scheduling it all; convincing myself that it's good for them, good for who they are visiting, good for Champ and me, but as with all decently difficult things the payout is well worth it.   Also?  It's true that I miss the boys wholeheartedly, but I do not wander aimlessly around the house with an aching heart as I have done in years past.  

When they return and the sugar rush has subsided (I KNOW they are getting sweets down there!), the normal sleep patterns have returned, I will hear all about their time in Pennsylvania while gazing at them with madwild eyes and smelling every last sweet grass blonde hair on their heads. In that moment, my eyes might well a bit with tears, my heart might jump at the speedy progression of childhood days.  I'm ok with that.  It's one thing to not be doubled up with displaced homesickness while they are gone, it's entirely another to not recognize the daily gifts given once they are returned to me.   


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