September 03, 2013

July {Dukes of Hazzard Birthday}

                           -Huckle remains an avid swimmer!-

Oh sure, I could give you all kinds of current updates on our September life, but I feel some sort of responsibility (read guilt) to at least summarize what we did this summer.  I started this blog with a purpose to keep friends and family updated and to tell a story of childhood to my sons; may as well hold true to my mission and not skip over chapters, right?  So, the cliff notes version of Bear's 5th birthday:

It most certainly was a "Dukes of Hazzard" themed party!  At this point, you either know what I'm talking about or you don't.  And if you know what I'm talking about it, you either ADORED the show, or you didn't even bat your eye at the General Lee.  Bear is on the adoring side.

 Good 'ol boy and girl clothes were encouraged.  Bear was his favorite- Bo Duke- while other guests bore striking resemblances to Boss Hogg, along with a few Cooters. 

When I first went about planning this hoedown, I found a few resources on the Internet:
Kara's party ideas site
some spunky design ideas here
 I used this site to get an idea for Bear's 5 year old shirt 
And for all things trivia, I went to Cooter's Place.

and then balanced that with what I wanted to do.  I am not a party planning blog, so I'm not going to get into all the nitty gritty.  Though a few pictures to describe:

- I worked with our local police station to have an officer come and do a small presentation at our house.  He was SO GRACIOUS to give Bear a ride to the station in his patrol car, and then provide a tour of the building to all of us.  It was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- menu included: fried chicken, subs (love that knife there?!), fixins, Boar's Nest popcorn, and pie.  Lots of pie was Bear's specific request.
- activities included archery and a relay game loosely titled "Daisy wins Miss Hazzard County!".  Have you seen that episode?  It involves a crown, a bathing suit, and some wrenches...good times.  For the adults, we had a trivia tree and the winner may or may not have won some moonshine.

This year's shirt was designed with Dukes of Hazzard in mind.  Orange and black printing, text the same font as the "01" on the General Lee, name and age on the front and "Good 'Ol Boy" printed on the back.  Those pictures up there are outtakes from the photo shoot (can a novice call it that?!)  I did with him at our auto garage.  I mean, with a shirt like that, wouldn't you seek out Cooter's garage? 


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