October 28, 2013

Animal Planet can costume both dogs and 5 year olds

We had a problem.  Bear wanted to be a hammerhead shark for Halloween: all well and good, but I did not want to purchase any costume costing a week's worth of my salary.  Besides, I am still learning how to use the sewing machine I was recently gifted with.  It is awesome-I can tell, but it is an older model so without an instruction manual, a bit of a guessing game is played each time I stomp on the foot pedal. 

After thinking about the hammerhead issue for a few days, I ordered my son an Animal Planet costume for dogs: hammerhead shark style, size large.  MUUUUUCH CHEAPER and "sized for Golden Retrievers and Weimaraners!". 

The pug looks disappointed to be in costume(why a pug?) - too bad, as the human was delighted to try on his shark suit.  He has worn it every day since and doesn't have a care if I do or don't put some finishing touches on it before Thursday.  He cinches the velcro around his belly as delightedly as any self respecting, costume wearing retriever would on her way out the door to a dog park play date.

It's kind of an amazing thing- this dog costume draped on Bear 24/7.  The mood of adults around here this week has been much lighter with the comic relief shark joining us at the dinner table, inquiring if he could take a bath and "swim with my fins".  He has worn the costume to bed 2 nights straight.

Ace was curious about all the joy this plush suit was bringing.  He is not convinced...

but Bear continues to play eagerly in the realm of 5 year old imagination, with dreams of Halloween night setting the scene.  To be this carefree and enamored with a dog suit?  I did not expect the brilliant twinkle in his eye or see the payout coming, but I tell you what, I am proud of myself for following Mama instincts and clicking "Buy now".  Even if the costume STILL cost $22.00 (!). Even though I felt ridiculous doing it.  This time I took a crazy gamble and won.  Swim on!


smalltownme said...

You are a smart Mama and he is the cutest shark ever.

Mrs. Bird said...


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