October 22, 2013


            Dogs don't care if you post unflattering pictures of them.

This morning I noticed the otter are back on our lake.  They come two times a year: spring and fall and serve as the best seasonal compass I know of.  Folks, this means snow is not too far away.  It also means Champ will be a little grumpy when I mention the otter visit because they kinda sorta purge our lake of a lot of fish.  Who can blame them?!  They need to prep for winter too.

Bear and I recently finished our read alouds of the Ralph S Mouse series of books.  We have now moved into "The Wind in the Willows"- ooooh how I remember the magic and playfulness of this book!!!  Bear is so very into talking animals and imaginative adventure right now, so this book is right up his alley.  I savor the moments when I can read directly from the book to him, but every once in a while time goes astray.  For these moments, I've discovered a wonderful invention called  LibriVox.  It's basically an online library in the public domain choc full of recorded stories.  In the case of "Wind in the Willows" there are multiple recordings, so I even get to pick which voice I most like reading the text.  The recordings are set up by chapter (if appropriate) so I can tag in and out of doing my own reading or play a recording, depending on whatever the day may bring.  I am also using LibriVox with James Baldwin's "Fifty Famous Stories Retold".  The stories are short and entertaining.  They outline a bit of history by telling time-tested stories of heroes and famous events.  Bear and I both have been enjoying listening to them.  

but dogs do appreciate a good picture of themselves every now and again.

There are texts like "The Republic" by Plato over at LibriVox too, so it's not just stories for 5 year olds!!  Oh and did I mention it's FREE????!!!!!!  Go check it out.


Mrs. Bird said...

I love otters. I've never seen one in the wild. I am so jealous. Of snow, too!!

Devon said...

ooooh.. i'll have to check out Librivox! thx!

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