October 03, 2013

On foraging and shellfish...

Fall in Vermont is like the best scavenger hunt ever. (Those apples? Foraged along a tree lined country road.) I scout the road on my way to work each day, watching as the leaves change, the apples progress.  We have lots and lots of random apple trees in my part of Vermont, all are edible of course, but only a choice few produce dazzlingly perfect apples.  After 9 years living here, I've figured out where some of those trees are and I've just about honed my apple crisp recipe to be flawless (in my humble opinion).

Besides apples, mushrooms are the hot commodity around here right now.  Chanterelles rule summer, but now is the season for oysters, hedgehogs, and puffballs.  The boys and I tromp through the woods visiting usual haunts or new grounds; sometimes catching a whiff of that unmistakable "mushroom smell".  Each of us are proud of our children for different things- as for me, my heart sings when Bear properly forages, identifies, collects, and happily eats mushrooms for lunch.  He will do all right in this world.

                             (see the sauteed puffballs on the left?!)

Other things I've been collecting:

1. New tattoo!  This summer I added to my collection and got a big ol' blue lobster splashing out of sea water on my foot.  I don't expect you to think that it is beautiful, but I ADORE IT!!!!!  You know how tattoos go: it carries lots of meaning and significance for me, but no one else is going to understand.  

2. I've been running in a serious kind of way.  Lots of adjustments over these past few months and training for another marathon has been one of them.  It's coming up soon and it is momentous as it's the first one I'm doing since having children.  Momentous enough to constitute getting another tattoo- see?  Momentous because I am doing it with the best running partner ever- M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.  We have a guest staying with us for an undetermined amount of time.  She is a fabulous cook and doesn't mind boys or dogs so I plan on keeping her around. 

4.  Well, actually Ace is collecting this one: another birthday!  He will be 2 in just a few days.  Celebrations have already begun...

What have you been collecting these days?


Mrs. Bird said...

Two already?!?!?! Which means...my baby is right behind him :( I wish I could run for fun like that...I need to because soccer has not been kind to me lately. Love that you're all doing well!

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