October 30, 2013

Snow on the pumpkin

Those otter know how to call it.  Snow today.  



Yesterday was sunny, no warmth.  Today it was dreary, except that it was the first snow and well, that's something to celebrate.  Snow! Snow! Snow!

Most of it was gone by midday, but it still helped to lay the dream work for ski season to come.  We honored the day by sipping hot chocolate and putting finishing touches on Halloween costumes.  Actually, I started the day on a date with a certain hammerhead shark costume and "The Natural" on VHS- it is World Series time after all!

Anyway, I know all you family out there like to know when snow arrives, so there you have it.  It is the top of the 9th and my beloved Sox are about to set history yet again.  I'm not gonna miss it...
good night!



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