October 18, 2013

The day she discovered

"Every one of us has in him a continent of undiscovered character.  Blessed is he who acts the Columbus to his own soul."
       - from "Words of Life", editor Charles L. Wallace

And so, as this holiday week comes to a close, I shall tell you what's been playing on my heart these past 14 days.  It is time and I am so proud to tell her tale.  The journey set forth was much shorter than any Columbus had, but the impact hit her hard.  It hit me hard.  It is a crazy wonderful feeling to charter unexplored strength territory within our selves.  Now I know it is all the more intensified when exploring with a partner; Lewis and Clark did it right.

My friend M and I recently completed the Bristol Marathon in New Hampshire.  Consider that sentence an understatement although you know I've been training.  Marathons boil up a lot of feelings to the surface: one has all that time to contemplate life during multi-hour training runs and then the race itself?  That's a crazy head game even when one's goal is simply to enjoy the race. M and I toed up to the starting line with a whole lot of action swirling in our heads including, but not limited to, enjoying the race.

Ever since Boston I've been roaring to step onto a marathon path again.  To attempt the first race as a Mama and still find my old self somewhere within, that self who cures herself of terror, or doubt, or awful memories, or stress by racing across the pavement keeping everything behind.  Lost in the footfall.  M had her own batch of needs to be met with.  We trained half a year for this day and at 5 minutes to 9am on a perfect Sunday morning I fully believed in her body and her determination.  She had yet to feel the same.   

We ran.  That's what marathoners do, but there was magic that day too.  We kept pace, we noticed the leaves, we chatted, and we buckled down to work.  She still didn't fully believe even though she should have.  No longer "will I?" rather "Just how fast may I?".

I know about defining moments.  I've even had one or two before, but when it rolls in, sweeping all else away with it's omnipotent presence, it is something to behold.  M was something to behold and everyone gathered around that finish line knew it.

In the end, she finally knew it too. 

I am sooooo proud of you M and it was a defining moment for me to be by your side that day. Boston 2015 here we come!

By the way- the other thing about marathons is that to do it right, one needs a support crew.  We had a rockin' one!  Thank you everyone for the support, the food, the photos, the love.  Flat out we couldn't have done it without you.  



The Keierleber Family said...

So awesome! I am planning on doing the Boston half October 2014. :) Come run it with me. :)

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