November 04, 2013

One dark and stormy night..

it rained and rained and the wind blew.  We called it Halloween.

This year topped our list of "difficult Halloween nights to navigate".  We have had warm October 31sts, and 31sts with snow piled on the candy calling walkways- Champ and I never batted an eye at them.  This year, trick-or treat solicited our utter awareness: rain falling from the skies, soggy leaves stuck to dorsal fins, a monkey tail dragging through the cold mud...

Only a few shots captured on my trusty point and shoot, protected from the storm in my yellow raincoat pocket (I got asked a lot that night if I was supposed to be The Man With the Yellow Hat.  No.). Still, a memorable Halloween- probably one for the history books what with a monkey squealing chimp glee each time he stomped in a puddle and a hammerhead shark not looking at all like a fish out of water.

That night we discovered that even in a downpour it's hard to frown when costumed and begging for free candy.  Go figure. 


smalltownme said...

The shark was in his element!

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