December 27, 2013

Christmas days

Honestly, I don't know how Santa does it.  We got back from our whirling dervish of a holiday in Pennsylvania just in time for Christmas.  Skin of our teeth, footprints fresh in the snow just in time.  The nostalgic type of hours passed that leave you exhausted yet peaceful, and happy for the word home.  Santa has that sleigh
and reindeer though.  Maybe that would have helped with Thruway traffic?  

This year Champ and I acquired THE Christmas story. You know the one: reflective of a parent's grit and determination during the holiday season to succeed no.matter.what.  Some day we will gather the boys around the Christmas tree to tell them and they will love us all the more.  That's the reason for stories like that, no?    

A sample of our festing:


                          =a model train exhibit with Grammy and Pappy=

  =any and every opportunity to practice turning tree lights into stars=

 =outtakes from a family photo shoot (notice the 9 great grandkids!)=


=treehouse play after freshly made snowmobile tracks=

                      =Ace's hand picked gift of socks for Papa=

             =and Ace's favorite gift: his very own chair from Santa=

            =Christmas dinner (someone is QUITE ready to eat)=

And then there's this:

the blog version of our family Christmas card.  Here's wishing you and yours a most blessed holiday season.



Emmy said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas!

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