December 10, 2013

No wonder she is a Saint

     {Pretend it's not Ten Little Ladybugs, but The Night Before Christmas
        or something.}

How was your weekend?  We had a good time of it, especially on Sunday.  Beginning with Mass and a pancake breakfast afterwards; moving on to commercial shopping and general holiday festing for the rest of the day.  This is how I find balance over Christmas: remember Who and what you are celebrating and cherish it, then carry that feeling with you as you shop! 

My big goal for this weekend was to take Ace's 2 year pictures.  Huckle was very curious about what I was doing, so I put him to good use.  After all was set, I pulled in Ace.  Oh my!  If  Huckle made me laugh during set up, then Ace made my eyes tear from laughing during the photo shoot.
Both are enigmas to me.



 I've been doing this Christmas thing for how many years?  And still I struggle with remaining calm and focused- the reins of the season don't always control how fast paced and out of control everything can get. 
To that end, don't expect fabulous posts about snow and tinsel and holiday happenings here.  Tour the internet for one second and find what you are looking for- Godspeed!  Oh I'll be here occasionally, but in order for me to even begin to find that focus and calm I pursue, I will walk the walk and lay low until the New Year.  Working hard to get all our Christmas business in order, but working even harder to carve a space in each day, hung with snow and tinsel, glowing with the news of my Savior's birth. 

Blessed Mother Mary, how I pray for patience this holiday season.



smalltownme said...

Your outtakes are adorable.

Leslie said...

i can not believe how big Ace is! How do they grow so quickly?

Anonymous said...

woah! So, first off, I have fallen off the planet. Secondly, I miss you guys. This post made my day. I can't believe how big and gorgeous your boys are! Hugs! -A :)

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