December 03, 2013

Who was the Glutton?

A few photos from Thanksgiving- mostly because I keep an electronic record of Gluttony Bowl for posterity's sake and so why just post a sentence when I can also attach a few pictures, right?  This year's winner was... CHAMP.

I like how the lightsaber highlights his freckles.

I'm still figuring out how to use my remote control for my camera.  These were a few of the many, many outtakes.  Many. That remote can rattle off a bunch of shots in no time.  Eventually we all looked good.

Did you have a holiday chocolate turkey on your Thanksgiving table?  Thanks GUS and GAD!!!!  How about a birthday cake?  Any of you have that on the table?

And then there were the post Thanksgiving Day outings.  We visited every NAPA store in Southern Vermont looking for a particular wheelbarrow tire part.  It was a puzzling hunt, but made for great memory making fodder.  The part was eventually found and we all gathered the final afternoon of my parent's visit in a vintage, lushly appointed old theatre for the second annual showing of "The Polar Express".  I kind of sort of like the movie, but to watch it in that kind of setting?  And with a real conductor coming around to punch our tickets?  That makes it all kinds of OK with me.

Thanks for letting me indulge a bit with some photos. Wasn't that better than just saying Champ won?


smalltownme said...

The Polar Express experience sounds great -- what a lovely theater.

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