January 27, 2014

As if I know how to use a Crystal Ball

This past New Year's, I made a request-prayer really-to God that I learn patience.  I never do resolutions, but a begging plea to God?  I'm good at those.  People I know balk when I tell them I need more patience: "but you are so calm with all those children at work!" "no way- you are so much more patient than me!" "I've never seen you fly off the handle with anyone.".  I lose my temper just writing about those comments.  Ok, maybe not really, but patience is multifaceted and currently I am quite lopsided.  

Check my charts and you will see Scorpio and dragon mentioned. Child of God too, which really means (if we are honest with ourselves) naughty, but loved.  I can do for more patience.  Patience in my own future, patience in how I see the evolving future of others. The ability to allow time and life experience to move at a pace I might not agree with. 

I prefer speed; this year is gonna be a challenge.

That God of mine, He keeps me in check.  He signed on to the patience plan with a giggle and a tap of my shoulder.  Leading me to a great knowledge of self one day, the next Ace is surprisingly up by dawn and all the day long I am as cloudy as a New England fog. I never liked pin the tail on the donkey what with all that spinning of the shoulders.

One Day:

All is accomplished in record time!  Bear's "important work" done and a meal made to highlight his learning.  I edit a few photos, spend time with Champ,  grocery shop, pray, listen.

The Next:

 Please stop spinning me into myself, I just want to move forward.  Wait, You are going to reveal it at Your pace, not mine?  Well this should be interesting. 


smalltownme said...

Life is always so unpredictable, isn't it.

Leslie said...

you are one brave lady...praying for patience is one thing i have always tried not to do...i am to afraid of the testing my patience that might go into it

Jess said...

Oh, how I have missed your blog.

I prayed for patience a lot, years ago, and it wasn't until after I had kids that it really made sense WHY I would do that. What a life...

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