January 20, 2014

Keeping the peace on MLK JR. day

MLK Jr. day used to make me uncomfortable.  My life has largely lacked diversity of race.  Not by choice, but by sheer demographics, especially here in Vermont.  Somehow that made me feel like a poser; a girl who acts like she practices peaceful loving kindness, but is never put to the test.  Laughable really, because what did I ever expect?  What kind of test is there exactly?  And if tested, would the few diverse friends I have be pleased with me?  

As with most eye opening moments in my life, my children taught me how to become comfortable with my bizarre complex.  The words of peace makers: Martin Luther King Jr, John Lennon, Jesus, Desmund TuTu... helped frame it all out; keep the workmanship simple, yet solid.  

May the answer ring out to us all: be a peace maker in all you do.  

How was that such a stretch for me?  I was so fixated on the larger picture, that I couldn't pull it in.  In to my own community, in to my own life and the boys I am raising.

Everyday I can still do right by Martin Luther King Jr even if there isn't one black soul in sight.  Or red, or white, or purple, or yellow, or pink.  We flounder and flunder on whatever the latest PC term is and yes that is important, that is respect.  But while working on the terms, and on civil actions of support, the very core remains: peace love kindness.  Do unto others.

I can do that, Martin Luther King Jr.!  I can do that every day in honor of you, your fellow peacemakers, and your hard earned life's work.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

delighted to meet you, thanks for visiting my blob, now I shall check out yours!

Leslie said...

you really are awesome.

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