January 15, 2014

Montessori moments: scrambled eggs and color sort

I had to make my own breakfast today; which is to say that Bear is in Pennsylvania visiting with family rather than here, practicing his scrambled egg technique.  Ace was sent along too, but he only sets the table, so my stomach does not miss him that much.  My heart though!  My heart feels differently on the matter of my boys states away for a whole week.

I will say that tidying things up, purging the excess, is much easier to do without my small, vocal helpers.  An even bigger bonus is slowly perusing the thrift shop without immediately heading to the kid's section when dropping off the fruits of my labor.  Heaven. 

 Montessori notes:
It's true- Bear has learned how to make scrambled eggs on his own.  It is his job to make breakfast twice a week and one of those days is always eggs (the other day I use for teaching/modelling a new breakfast item).  I introduced it with small steps and encouraged him to help with each procedure.  Once he mastered that, he was to follow all the prep steps on his own without reminders.  After he was efficient, I allowed him to turn on the stove, cook the eggs, distribute them onto plates, and clean up the materials used.  Now I stay close by as he is using the stove, but short of the safety issue, I am not needed.  He's proud of those eggs he serves us!  

In the 2 year old department, Ace has begun to master his colors.  A recent activity involved his color bears and transportation toys to reinforce color.  I gathered up red, yellow, green, and blue sorting bears and found vehicles to match.

 I introduced the activity by talking about the colors on the tray and saying that the yellow bear was going to ride on the yellow helicopter. I placed the items side by side and then picked a new color: the green bears are going to ride on the green jeep.

He helped sort the bears with me and gradually began to name a color and then have the bears zoom off on the correct vehicle.

I continued to model the activity, and soon enough he was independently choosing to bring the work tray to the table and complete it independently.   These photos are all from the same day, but true mastery appeared after a week.

As the new year fully gets under way, I have begun to plan out our "important work" for the winter months.  There is no label to what we do,  I am not homeschooling, I am not not doing something.  As with tons of areas of my life, I have no label to put on it.  But we like it and it is working, so onward and upward I say!


smalltownme said...

Good for Bear! Cooking is such an important life skill.

Kate said...

Bear making eggs....that is outstanding! I love to read about your activities since I am modeling for a 2 yr old and an 8 mo old. Your blog is full of helpful tips. Yes, yes...onward and upward, TJ.

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