January 02, 2014

New Year Notes

Sorry folks, no gorgeous snowy pictures just yet.  I adore my camera tooooooo much to risk taking it out in to this weather because you see, it keeps snowing.  And snowing.  It is stunningly gorgeous, but I figure snow and cameras should not mix.  Some day it will stop and then I double dog promise to take a picture or two for you.  In the meantime, a substitute:

Leading up to that a few other things have happened:

=Cousins came to visit, it snowed (surprise), we lost power- so did the house where some of us were watching the Eagles game, the Eagles won!=

We made our Christmas week cookie tradition of

It snowed on New Year's Eve.

=Sparklers and Stratton fireworks to celebrate the New Year, Uncle B and Auntie S came to visit and brought a particular Christmas present about which both Bear and his uncle were excited.=

Still a few more days left to squeeze relaxation, restoration (admittedly we are a bit run down) and fun times out of before January fully hits it's stride, for that I couldn't be happier!  Wishing you all a joy filled and marvelously blessed New Year.


smalltownme said...

Light sabers! Anyone would be excited over those! Love the pictures!

The Keierleber Family said...

LOVE that last pic!!

Emmy said...

Such fun pictures! Love the fire light picture. What kind of camera did you get?

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