January 31, 2014

Vergennes is far from home

It can be all about the angle, but I'm not good at math; though I do know that perspective is persnickety.  Take Bear there: looks like he's about to chop his finger off, but he doesn't...

he is steadfast and focused on helping with food prep because the honor of holding that knife is OH SO HUGE.  

He held that cutlery better than I held my camera taking it's false angle shots. 

Yesterday Champ was gone from sunup to sundown which made my appreciation of him rate even higher (if possible).  I feed and clothed and played with my boys.  We hauled ourselves to work in the late afternoon wherein I was grateful for the "many hands make light work" of other staff members.  My patience renewed; we drove home, checked in on the neighbor's dogs and resolved a plumbing issue, unpacked the car, and pressed the repeat button for feed, clothe, play. 

Somewhere during that cycle, the boys climbed into the pack n' play (sometimes I am requested to "build" that contraption- similar to a tent request.  Frankly, who says no to a safe, contained space for the children that ensures me time to do chores?  Not I.).  There they were, half dressed in pajamas.  Blonde heads tucked in sharing a mutual whisper; at peace with the day.  In between the hauling of wood, the prepping of lunches, I dipped an eye to the cracked opening of the bedroom door.  Each glance a different angle, but my perspective constant.  Any Mama's heart would lift to see such a sight at the end of a weary day: a balm of patience.

It lingered long enough to be deemed a photographic moment; the shutter snap breaking the spell.  I expected such, but my math lesson for the day was still kicking around long after I had put the boys to bed.  

Have a horizon full of positive perspective kind of weekend, gang!


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