February 11, 2014

a cold, hard place to land

 ~but when a soul, by choice and conscience, doth throw out her full force on another soul, the conscience and the concentration both make mere life, love.~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

These passing days have brought two occurrences: 

1) the rereading of my favorite love poems (I'm stricken with my annual Valentine's Day fever).
2) Ace deciding that any sort of sleep pattern is unnecessary.

Issue #1 is always easily solved by pulling out Ann Sexton's "Love Poems", Emily Barrett Browning's "Sonnets From the Portuguese", and Everyman's Library "Love Poems"

Issue #2 leaves Champ and I a little baffled (tired too): mostly we are going with "it's a phase".  As for sleeping in our front entry, I hurt my brain trying to figure out why Ace would chose to nap there. Even so, he hunkered down and didn't want to be disturbed.  I respected his wishes, but maybe I was just too tired to try and move him?

Ahh mere life.   I love you, Ace.


smalltownme said...

I remember my boys falling asleep in odd spots a few times. They weren't really interested in napping by that point, so I figured they were really tired and left them there. With a pillow and blanket.

I love seeing your pictures. They bring back such precious memories for me.

Leslie said...

i am sure that the loss of sleep on your part is not fun! when is it ever, but the choice to sleep in the entry is really adorable!

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