February 07, 2014

On a snow day

Finally. FINALLY we got a school snow day this week!  A precious gem, as they are few and far between.  Lots of snow falls here in Vermont, but rarely does it constitute a snow day: a weekday treat to have Champ home with us.  Let's compare notes- this is what we did with ours:

= snowmobiling and snowblowing in all this white.  Our snowblower had been questionable these past few weeks, so it was a welcomed relief when it kicked into action for this storm. Phew!=

 =Bear oversaw his beloved "bear" receive a much needed bath=

= the boys did some "important work" each in his own way.  Oh Canada!=

Every time I look for links to "important work" in my blog I come up with nada, so for my sanity and your information: "important work" is our name for montessori/educational work done at home.  I don't officially home school and Bear isn't in kindergarten yet, but we do some basic work during the weekdays.  For further information, check out "montessori moments" on my sidebar.  Currently, we are exploring Canada as part of our continents tour. To learn how the Montessori method introduces geography and the continents, check out here here and here (a small sampling of what's out there!). For that cool "read write and stamp" paper go here and eagerly look around, then follow the link to 3Dinosaurs where there are even more ideas for Bob Book sight words review. 

As for two year old Ace, he guides his learning through play and age appropriate Montessori discoveries (things like helping fold the wash, pouring water into containers, sorting items by color) . However, I do plan on beginning to explore sounds with him soon.

We spent the rest of the snow day doing much much much less productive things than the ones I mentioned above; it was glorious.  Have you had snow?  What have you been doing when it pours down white?


Emmy said...

I think you are one of the few out east that is happy for a snow day as a lot of the country has had so many snow days already this winter. Looks like you made it a great day

smalltownme said...

Seeing "bear" get his bath made me smile and brought back memories.

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