February 15, 2014

Peg people saints eat soft pretzels on Valentine's Day

Why yes, it did snow.

                                =Huckle is in both these pictures...=

It's still snowing tonight, as I'm sure it's currently doing (or recently did) in at least 40 other states.  Want to wager your own state bet?  Whoever guesses correctly gets a new snow shovel, my treat.  Let's move on.

It was Valentine's Day!  We shoveled snow.  We made yoda valentines.  We subsisted on sugar, strawberries, chocolate (it's own sugar category), sugar cookies (yet another category of sugar- I'm finding there are many), and pink cake for an entire day.  Atticus proudly gave Bear his valentine; one that he had insisted on buying when out with Champ one afternoon.  Champ is a good good man for looking into Valentine future and thus answering the request with a "yes".

 All good things end, but in this case when our sugar rush subsided, we became crafty little love bugs and that wasn't so bad at all.  I'm kinda into peg people right now, so we made St. Valentine to keep our other saint friends company.

                               (St. Blaise and St. Brigit.  Sooo obvious.)

And since I like cooking almost as much as painting wooden pegs, we made soft pretzels in honor of St. Valentine (with a nod to my Penn. Dutch childhood roots).  Carbo loading after a sugary blizzard is always a good idea- especially with some high quality mustard.  I practically scream "I love the world" when biting in to one.

"Perfect Pretzels" soft pretzel recipe (I have no idea who to credit this with, but I bet it was someone who once lived within walking distance to me)

1C warm water
1.5C flour
2t salt
1t (or package) yeast
2T soft butter
1T sugar
~ dissolve yeast in water with the sugar.  Add in remaining ingredients and knead until dough is pliable and not too sticky (I use my Kitchen Aid).  Divide dough into 12 balls.  Roll balls into 18'ish lengths about a pencil thick.  Loop and twist into a pretzel.  Place on a greased baking sheet and allow to double in size.  Preheat oven to 425*.  Make a boiling solution of 4C water and 5T baking soda and drop pretzels into it for 1 minute or until pretzels rise to the top.  Sprinkle with coarse salt and bake for 12 minutes until crisp.


Emmy said...

Oh my gosh those pretzels sound so good!! I love that you just went all out and made it a total sugar day, that is one of the reason I love you. :) Love that first picture of Huckle in the snow.

Devon said...

Think those pretzels would turn out OK with wheat flour?? They look delicious!

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