March 18, 2014

Over break I had another Avett moment

Break was good.  Here are some of the reasons why:  

Last September I wrote a warning to my children about the Avett Brothers concert that never was.  I have a postscript:
Dear Bear and Ace,
C and I DID follow through.  Our 1 year minted friendship with Central Park J,  recently led us back to Manhattan.  Back to the Avett Brothers and as a serendipitous bonus, Mama's beloved "Old Crow Medicine Show".  What started a year ago as a rainy, anonymous meet-up, has come full circle into generous offerings of a warm bed, concert buddy, and subway navigator.

                                       the view from J's apartment

Now I'm not saying I would be cool with either of you doing what I have done.  In fact, I would be terrified for your lives.  However, these past two NYC visits have done nothing but to reinvigorate my notions that in general: people are good and honest, and life is ours for the asking.  That's the takeaway, not so much "run off to NYC with a girlfriend to meet up with strangers and see a major concert at the Barclays Center."

Love Mama,
PS: Scott and Seth Avett are brothers.  Just sayin'... 


Champ had a conference in Newport, RI. and the boys and I got to tag along; a rare, rare treat!

                                                "Save the Bay" educational center 

My Mom received an award for all her hard work at the school district she recently retired from.  Much deserved, Mom!


My sister-in-law and brother had twins.  TWINS! 

                                                                  nephew E

                                                niece H

They are as awesome as you could guess and my sister-in-law is now a minted rockstar!  Here's what I'm finding though- twins are hard to keep track of.  I don't even have great photos yet because you are either holding one of them, or accidentally taking a photo of one you already have a photo of.  Not that multiple photos is ever a bad thing, but can you see my dilemma?  I'm gonna work on that for the future.


Be back soon,


smalltownme said...

Yes, there are nice people everywhere. So glad you got to see the Avett Brothers! I got to see them last summer and it was a wonderful concert.

Devon said...

I can't believe how big your boys are getting! Oh my! And TWINS.... props to your sis-in-law! Hope they are healthy and well!

AngelaShep said...

Did you see the Avett Brothers are coming to a certain town where we went to college this summer?

The twins are adorable!

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