May 10, 2014

I hope they let me on their ship for Mother's Day

Sometimes I get all kinds of sentimental when they dress like that.  How much longer will it last?  Will these moments of spending our days as pirates-or mermen-or firefighters while we grocery shop and bump around town end abruptly?  Perhaps about the time self consciousness sets in?  In my fiercest moments, I want to kick that self consciousness overboard; right along with influence of others and influx of media.  But I can't, can I?  All parents can do is provide a strong character base (and maybe a well stocked dress up chest) to keep that pirate spirit going.  I keep my skull ring fingers crossed that when the moments of heavy influence do begin to arrive, my boys can make strong, independent choices to reflect the spirit of who they are, rather than what the world implies they should be.

I hope they dress in their craziest of get-ups this Mother's Day and parade all around town.  What more could a Mama want?

ps: have you ever seen a pirate tear?  Count yourself as lucky.


Leslie said...

the boys are beautiful! they are so big. is that a tear on Ace's face? sad pirate?

smalltownme said...

Your boys are so cute! My boys wore capes and costumes all the time as little guys...and then they made other independent choices. They've turned out great and I know your beautiful boys will too.

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