May 07, 2014

Midweek, midway

Hello everyone!  Yes, it's been quiet around here, but not for lack of (behind the scene) activity. I am busy planning a party of sorts for all of you moment followers.

It won't quite be on the level of Champ's birthday, but still I think you will like it.  June arrives soon, and with it, changes to this here space.  Waiting can be hard, so for the time being here are a few tidbits from our recent activities.


Easter.  Wait, how many months ago was that?

Over Champ's spring break, we traveled to Michigan to have a redux of a most memorable visit.  It had been way too long, and we were thrilled to be back visiting our rockin' awesome friends!

And Boston.  Beloved Boston.  This year we went back as a family- a therapeutic decision, to say the least, and stirring enough that even now I have tears in my eyes remembering the throbbing unity of the marathon crowd.  It was important to be there this year; even more so than when I run again next year.  I hadn't realized it until, like a lemming among other needy lemming, I was walking Boston's soul nourishing streets again.    


smalltownme said...

That's a beautiful family portrait. And Boston. My son will be going to college there this fall.

nadine said...

So glad you got back to Boston again. I hope the boys climbed on the duck statues!

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