May 25, 2014

These days off

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” 
                                                                                     ― Thomas Campbell

For all you avian fans, there's an update over on this post.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!  It is ridiculously awesome to have some down time; with Champ home and the weather gorgeous.  Finally it feels like Spring around here!  Our time off has ended up being quieter than anticipated.  Rather than be bummed, we decided to embrace it for what it was worth: Family together.  Grill on.  Dogs swimming. Fire pit burning.  Champ's country music spilling down to the pond (quiet is relative, after all).  Tuesday may as well take it's time getting here.  

Spend your days wisely, my friends.

Enjoy any and all of your time off (however it comes to you), and hug any and all service folk you may know.  


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