June 17, 2014

Fast and Simple Smoothie Tips

It's smoothie time around here again!  As if I haven't mentioned my smoothie love enough (like here and here and here), I'm going to just dive in and mention the cold concoction yet again.

Today's slant: shortcuts to ensure quick and easy smoothie making success!

Whatever produce you decide to use in your smoothie is great.  However you decide to make it smooth is fabulous.  I'm not going to get into those details.  Let's start with my jar of slop instead.  I call it: 


Each evening of smoothie season, I fill a 16oz wide mouth jar with:

*1T chia seeds
*3-4T oats (not instant
*enough milk kefir (or milk or yogurt) to fill 3/4 of jar

I stir it all up, screw on the lid, and put it in the fridge overnight (you could keep it out on the counter for full soaking effects, but I like my smoothie ingredients to be cold). By morning, the chia and oats have softened to a perfect texture for smoothie making.  No more icky hard, or chewy bits in my drink, but still lots of protein and fiber goodness! 

These are what milk kefir grains look like.  Pretty, eh?  If you're interested in some, this post has a link to where I got mine.  Milk kefir is similar to yogurt, and when made at home it's super cost effective.  


I keep bags of smoothie creating produce in my freezer.  The fruits vary, but you can almost always find a bag of kale or spinach in there.  Usually some beets too.  The frozen fruits and veggies help keep my smoothie cold, and the small, clear bags front and center in the freezer make ingredient gathering quick and efficient.


I keep small bottles of juice and nectar on hand so that when the smoothie making mood hits I'll be ready-and not irritated that someone has drunk all the orange juice again.  The smaller bottles are just the right size for a few days of smoothie making; any larger and I start worrying about not using all that juice before it might spoil.  My current favorite is the tart cherry juice by cheribundi- I use about 4oz of it per smoothie.

Those 3 tips plus a little raw honey, perhaps a few bits of fresh fruit lingering around, a pat of coconut oil, a splash of milk...
Blend 'em all together and voila, SMOOTHIE SEASON BEGINS AGAIN.


Leslie said...

this looks wonderful...how do you freeze your greens?

T.J. said...

I am such a low maintenance girl: I just shove some fresh spinach into a bag and then pop it in the freezer. When it's smoothie time, I pull out some leaves (usually to equal 1/4C worth) and crumble them into my mixture using my hands; since they're frozen, it's a piece of cake! If I ever have greens with super large stems, I do remove them stems before freezing.

happy summer to all your gang, Leslie!!! So fun to hear from you :)

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