June 30, 2014

Keeping us busy

(the groom photographing his brand new bride)

Weddings + June.  Not much else tops that for love, now does it?  Add in a strolling minstrel (the groom made the boys each a ukulele out of a cigar box.  B is super talented-and thoughtful- like that!), a waterfall infused ceremony, and an adorable wedding outtake - suddenly it's the pinnacle all June weddings must forever more strive towards.  Congratulations again B and T!!!!!!!!

Now in it's 3rd year of family tradition, we spend the day in a state of amusement park haze.  Devouring rides and funnel cake equally, we wandered around from section to section, gathering up family memories as we went.  This time around my parents were able to join us for a bit, so the boys got to experience first hand my genetically acquired love of park rides.      
the diving show is a perpetual favorite of ours

On the cheap, mini vacations are rockin' fabulous when time is of the essence and money need remain in your wallet.  We took a mini tour upstate, thanks to:
1) Champ's prescheduled meeting in the capital
 2) the calendar smiling upon us and providing 3 days -THREE WHOLE DAYS-of family time
3) my husband's talent for scoring the best silent auction loot (free memberships to places=yay!)

                     {Vermont History Museum}
(for a total of 4 dollars!!! the boys and I spent a very interesting hour learning about our state's history while Champ had his meeting in another part of town.)

{Comfort Inn, St Johnsbury Vermont}

I have to count the hotel as part of our tour: we picked it especially because it had an indoor pool and an actually nourishing, hot full breakfast.  Well worth spending the bulk amount of our vacation cash here!

{Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium}


A natural history museum with a Victorian era vibe.  The amount of eclectic, unique items fit into a relatively small space is mind blowing: that pattern up there is made completely out of butterflies and beetles.  The planetarium show was equally good!

{Quechee Gorge}

Quechee Gorge is familiar ground to us.  Anytime we are returning home from the north, we pause here to stretch our legs and eat Gifford's ice cream at the snack stand.  Oh and to walk and explore the gorge, as well...

{Billings Farm}

Full of cows, sheep, chickens, horses and lots and lots of history. The day we went, the boys made wool balls and explored the farm house.  It is an open, friendly place; much accepting of children (and adults!) who want to be side by side with the animals.

{Long Trail Brewery}

  It wasn't even a question of if we were going to stop or not

In a way, over those 3 days, it felt like we were the ones on a honeymoon... a clear sign of a successful trip.  


Pam B said...

I think I have been to several of those places!

smalltownme said...

Mini vacays are a lot of fun!

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