June 20, 2014


Champ and I currently have a running joke- it involves one word- "next".  

Life is high voltage right now: lots and lots of decisions, tasks, activities...  all of them with little warning, or time to prepare.  Yes, yes that is life itself I know, but you would also agree that some moments are a lot more "fly by the seat of your pants" than others, right?  So we complete each assignment with a "next" and move on down the list.  "Next" may sound blunt, unappreciative, even non responsive, but for Champ and I it means we can do this-together- even if it is a season of intensity.  Sometimes soldiering forward with humor is the best solution; I'll save "reflective contemplation" for another time.

calmer moments from these recent days:

 joining me for morning coffee on a Wednesday

                                         the gardens are planted

What kind of upcoming days will you be having?


koreen (aka: winn) said...

Wow! It's been so long since I've visited.... just beautiful photos of your lives. Thank you for sharing them. I'll be back again to see more of what's happening.

By the way... your boys are wonderful in these photos. You must be such a proud mom.

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