June 01, 2014

Sunday Birthday

Happy birthday Mom!  Look- flowers for you.  Dad would say they are a weed, and it's true they practically have no fragrance.  That's handy since you have allergies anyway, right?  It's spring in Vermont, so it's the best I could do.  Oh sure I have some tangible presents lined up: I even stayed up waaaay too late this week editing a new photo book just for you, but you won't have any of that in your hands today-on your birthday!!!! Really that's not fair because you deserve so much more from me.  You are my mother after all and these days I'm learning over and over that it's kind of empowering and kind of exhausting to be one. 

       (how about forget-me-nots?  Got bunches of those right now,)

It's also a little inspiring and a little daunting for me to try and live up to being the fantabulous mother -PERSON- that you, Mrs. M, exhude. You would think I'd have a slight advantage being a teeeny bit taller than you but nope, apparently that has nothing to do with being a life liv-er. Guess I'll just keep reaching for the stars you have shown me; pleased as punch to be following in your wake, occasionally even pocketing some of my own sparkling skylights.  Love you and love you.    

What do you mean I can't end my post to you without putting up any pictures of the boys?  Well you're right it is your day and all...  yeah but I don't have all that much time...but...  Ok.  You are so right!  Here is a crazy amount of photos for you to show your friends and for Dad to copy copious amounts of, enlarge to blurry, strangely pixelated sizes, and distribute to anyone and everyone he meets.  Sounds great.  Whatever you want.  Love you.


Emmy said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Love the pictures-- love love the black and white foot/butt shot, something just so perfect and timeless about it. Totally laughed about your dad enlarging the pictures to a weird size, funny how many do things like that.

smalltownme said...

Happy Birthday (belated) to your mom. Those are wonderful pictures of your sons.

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