June 11, 2014

The view from five

Sometimes a life lesson is pretty easy to learn.  

The boys and I recently headed to Bradley Airport in Connecticut on a mission: there was a very special someone to pick up and transport back to Vermont.  Bear was beside himself excited; this was to be his first time experiencing an airport.  I gave him my point and shoot to document the day's events.

These are the pictures he took:

Noticing anything yet?  How about the lack of planes, or even airport setting for that matter, in the photos?  But it didn't matter, not to him.  When Bear and I debriefed about our trip, snuggled in with one last story book before bed, he said it had been a fabulous time.  He had "loved it!".  After he and Ace were fast asleep I took out the camera to show Champ the pictures one more time.  There wasn't much photo documentation to underscore the stories I told, but the stories and the memories were there just the same.

You would never know all the hoopla, all the build up leading to our big airport adventure by observing these photos (and Bear typically takes observant photos).  Turns out all those saying are correct- it is more about the journey than the destination.  'Nuf said.


smalltownme said...

That's a cute selfie, too.

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