June 08, 2014

Weekending: photo posters and SportDOG collar

      that tree isn't my screen saver, but a reflection from outside.

Hanging above that table, just out of view, is a photo poster.  An old, giant frame was milling about with nothing of note highlighted in it.  After measuring for size, I remedied the situation by creating (in Picmonkey) a poster using one of my own photos of our lake and overlaying it with a much loved quote by Wendell Berry.  After scoring a discount at Walgreens, I was able to create some wall art for under 20 bucks!  Walgreens is currently running a few photo specials right now; visit the site to create your own photo poster, banner, or board print.   

A pause here on Sunday to check in- hope your weekend has been spectacular.  Mine certainly was since Grammy and Pappy were here!  Family is always a blast to have around, but these folks?  I get all kinds of free time when they're around since they are like loving, patient octopi to Bear and Ace.  Want proof?

They give the boys heaps of attention while using their seemingly endlessly available limbs to hold, hug, read, and assemble Legos. That takes talent I tell you.

A few other weekend moments:

Bear kicked off his birthday season- it's on 7/8, but why not start now?

See Huckle's collar ( disregard the coconut)?  It's a waterproof hunting dog collar by SportDOG, purchased at Cabella's.  It suits our needs perfectly around here!  It's an electric collar which means it does have the potential to be used as a zapper.  I however, stick to using the beep sensor which makes the collar similar to clicker training.  Since everything is electronic, Huckle's collar responds with a beep each time I push a button on the remote controller.  I've combined the beep training with some hand signals to resolve an issue we were having with Huckle knowing when it was time to come in from his swim on our lake.  So far it's been working... swimmingly...!  Huckle can paddle around in the water and I know he's going to come back to shore when I signal for him.

Finish up this weekend in style, gang!


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